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crispy garlic chicken


this isn’t a particularly elegant looking dish but it was very delicious. the heart of it is nigel’s slater’s recipe for garlic-crumbed chicken which is inspired by a chicken kiev but adds cheese and bacon, whilst removing the risk factor that comes with needing to create a sealed pocket for all the garlic butter goodness. it’s also a great way of really packing flavour around chicken breasts, which can sometimes be a bit dull.

skinless chicken breasts are slashed and then stuffed with cheese that has been rolled in chopped parsley (the recipe calls for taleggio but i used mozzarella as that was what needed using up) then topped with a mix of breadcrumbs, garlic and pancetta that have been fried in butter, before baking through.

the end result is both fresh (from the parsley, which really does retain its flavour) and savoury (the garlic and bacon flavours really stand out) whilst also being fairly forgiving – assembling the dish is quick and easy and the topping of breadcrumbs hides any messiness in your preparation. i also think it would be a good standby option if you make a bigger batch of the fried breadcrumbs which could then be used from frozen. the other thing i’d think about for next time is adding some chopped rosemary to the breadcrumb mix.

we ate this with some tagliatelle which was tossed with mushrooms that had been sautéed in a little butter and then finished with some double cream and extra parsley. the contrast of the crispy breadcrumbs with the creamy pasta was particularly nice.

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tagliatelle with courgette and pancetta


this is a great dish to make while courgettes are still in season and full of flavour, especially if you’re lucky enough to be growing your own and able to eat them when they are freshly picked (people always talk about a freshly picked tomato having more flavour than those you can buy, for me it is courgettes that most repay your home-gardening efforts).

the courgettes are the star of the dish, sautéed in butter until they start to turn golden. they also soak up the porky goodness of pancetta (if you want to keep this veggie i think sundried tomatoes can do a similar job) and i added a little garlic and chilli as well. 

the genius ingredient, which gets everything to work together, is capers. lemon is my default choice when i want something sharp or fresh in a dish, but the salty capers give a more subtle tang which, i think, works particularly well with butteriness of the rest of the dish. parsley and basil to finish.

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ofm top twenty: bacon and egg pie


another egg focused recipe, although hen’s rather than quail this time, not least because i accidently ordered a tray of 30 eggs rather than my usual box of 6! still, this margot henderson egg and bacon pie, which is part of the ofm top twenty, has made a decent dent in my stash as it uses 11 eggs.

the recipe is described as “an old school pie from new zealand: you are not a proper mother if you don't pack your kids off with bacon and egg pie for their sports day” so i was intrigued as my childhood eggy packed lunch, and much-loved it was, was my mum’s cheese and onion pie

so, how did i get on?

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frugal food

when i was cooking for the fundraiser i was keen to avoid waste and this bacon and mushroom risotto, while not particularly beautiful to look at, was the final stage of that.

i used bacon scraps which came from the grilled bacon we served with burgers plus the stalks from the mushrooms which i’d roasted for the veggie burgers and also added the mushroom juices that were released when i roasted them to my stock. a handful of parmesan and some sage from the garden were the finishing touches to a rich and flavoursome dish.


roasted asparagus with smoky bacon

natoora added a bunch of thick-stemmed green asparagus to the white which they sent me last week. i decided to use it to try out a few new ways of cooking asparagus. this was very simple – i wrapped the spears in smoky bacon (make sure you remove the rind, you can also use pancetta rashers) and placed in a lightly oiled dish. rub the exposed asparagus tips with a little more oil, season with black pepper (the bacon will provide all the salt you need) then roast at 220c for 12-15 minutes – you need to make sure the bacon has started to crisp so it may need a few minutes longer and you might want to turn it over.

i really enjoyed this – i wasn’t a big fan of roasted asparagus when i tried it last but the crispy bacon is a lovely contrast to the almost buttery soft asparagus spears. i think it worked particularly well as the asparagus spears were so fat - this made them wonderfully juicy.