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spiced damson fool


when i had my glut of damsons (from an overenthusiastic scrumping session) i made a large amount of spiced damson puree which was frozen in batches, ready to be mixed with whipped cream and turned into a fool.

we finally tried it the other week and dennis cotter’s decision to add a layer of toffee flavours by using muscovado sugar to sweeten the damsons was proven to be entirely correct and utterly delicious! his suggestion of shortbread as an accompaniment also worked really well.

this spiced puree would, i think, also work well turned into an ice cream, using nigel slater’s damson ice cream made with yoghurt as the base recipe.

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cereal milk

a quick flick through the momofuku cook book made it abundantly clear that most of the recipes in here are multi-dimensional and time consuming. this cereal milk dessert is no exception, comprises four main components:

  • cereal milk custard
  • caramelised cornflakes
  • chocolate-hazelnut thing (which requires you to make praline)
  • avocado puree

however, with a cereal-loving boyfriend, adventurous friends expected for supper and a day off i decided to give it a try and kick the year off in style. so, how did i get on?

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last lick, yum lick


i’m not a big fan of rich creamy food but when i heard a friend raving about his mum’s “last lick sauce”, describing it as the perfect accompaniment to roast chicken and a fabulous gravy replacement in the summer, i had to give it a try.

garlic, rosemary, anchovies and sundried tomatoes. plus cream for richness. definitely worth a go.

the sauce has a fabulous depth of savoury flavour but it is very rich. i tried versions using crème fraiche (full and low fat) and sour cream. none of these was a patch on the original so, here it is, the original last lick sauce.

it is indeed a great accompaniment to roast chicken and is a very delicious way to ring the changes if your sunday roast is looking a little jaded. 

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birthday pavlova


i had meringue recently, made by my friend toby, which sent me into raptures. it was golden, chewy and full of flavour. sadly we managed to demolish everything that he presented us with so there was no doggie bag full of (meringuey) leftovers to take home. not that anything it contained would have lasted long.

it was my birthday last friday and pavlova was my obvious choice of celebration. this is also my choice for meeta’s big birthday bang, not least as she and i celebrate our birthdays on consecutive days. happy birthday meeta!

this pavlova was a bit special. the chocolate meringue was flavoured using rococo jasmine chocolate, which was gift from toby’s wife julia. i also used valsamica instead of normal vinegar. both the jasmine and vanilla flavours added depth and complexity to the chocolateyness.

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