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lamb meatballs with peppers and feta

this was a bit of a random meal – i knew that i wanted to make meatballs and i had a plan to serve them with pitta breads, hummus, salad and pickles, but when i went shopping i got distracted and completely forgot about my plan.

so, a change of direction. a tomato and red pepper sauce flavoured with cumin and coriander, which the meatballs were cooked in after i’d grilled them for 10 minutes (turning regularly) to brown them. the meatballs were flavoured with preserved lemon, harissa, some smoked garlic and parsley and i added an egg to help bind everything together. feta scattered over the dish before it went into the oven for half an hour – covered in foil for half the time and open for the remaining 15 minutes – and all served with some lemony couscous.

the dish is based on this recipe, but much scaled back to make it quicker to pull together.


preserved lemon bulgar wheat

having been ill for a week i’ve had the chance to catch up on watching a bit of tv, which has included several episodes of jamie oliver’s 15 minute meals. i like jamie’s approach to cooking, with big flavours and recipes/techniques that deliver a lot of flavour for not too much effort. variations on his bloke’s pasta is a dish which i make time and time again.

the 15 minute meals are necessarily scaled back but there are lots of interesting ideas tucked into the recipes. one which i’ve already tried out was adding a preserved lemon to bulgar wheat when you cook it. when the wheat is cooked it then gets mashed to a pulp and stirred through the wheat along with fresh parsley, to give a fresh lemony hit. i liked this a lot and can see it working well with other grains. i served this with slow-cooked neck of lamb to which i’d added some aubergine cubes – the lamb and aubergine were silky soft and richly flavoured, which contrasted perfectly with the bulgar.


lamb and fig flatbreads


i was recently approached by fragata to develop a couple of recipes using their products as part of a competition to win the opportunity to spend the afternoon in the kitchen with spanish chef josé pizarro.

this was incredibly appealing for a number of reasons – i’m a huge fan of spanish food and have coincidentally most recently been enjoying that which is served by josé pizarro himself, at his tapas and sherry bar josé. it was also interesting to think about which fragata products to use – i already get through large amounts of their capers but was also interested to try the range of olives and peppers they have.

so, this is my first recipe… as is so often the case, it was the result of looking at what needed using up rather than having an idea and going shopping for specific ingredients. in this case it was leftover lamb mince and some figs which caught my eye.

i decided on lamb flatbreads. i wanted a flavour-packed topping so decided to slow-cook some red onions until they began to caramelise at which point i added some garlic, chopped capers and chopped green olives plus a little smoked paprika. this was mixed with my browned lamb and finished with a squeeze of lemon juice and some fresh parsley to brighten everything up.

it was a delicious topping for flatbreads which were then cooked on a pizza stone and finished, once they came out of the oven, with a drizzle of yoghurt and some rocket. i hope josé likes them! if you fancy winning a cooking session with him for yourself, have a look here.

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slow-roasted lamb with mediterranean vegetables and feta

this is the perfect dish for a hot sunny day when you really don’t want to have to put too much effort into knocking up something delicious. it was inspired by a picture i saw in a magazine and is very simple to make.

slow roasted lamb is the starting point – i used neck (which has the advantage of being cheap) which was roasted with onions, garlic, lemon and herbs. having said that, i have plans to repeat this dish next weekend, when our house has filled up with olympic visitors, using a shoulder of lamb. you can also use leftovers – just wrap them in foil and warm them in the oven, i don’t think the meat needs to be particularly hot.

about 40 minutes before the meat is ready and you want to eat, put a tray of chunked mediterranean vegetables into the oven – aubergines, courgettes, tomatoes, peppers, fennel were my choices. season with salt, pepper and a few chilli flakes plus the juice of a lemon (add the lemon to the tray as well, sliced into centimetre pieces – it will caramelise and add a lovely flavour) and olive oil.

once everything is ready i piled the vegetables onto a serving platter, topped with the lamb (take it off the bone if you use a leg or shoulder), plus crumbled feta cheese, grated lemon zest and some shredded mint and/or basil. serve with a green salad, some hummus and flat breads, for scooping everything up.


moro top ten: lamb with chickpea puree and hot mint sauce


“this dish feels familiar yet with an exotic slant"

from casa moro, this is lamb with chickpea puree and hot mint sauce is the one dish in the top ten that i had previously made. well, a short cut version of it, which means that this time i followed the recipe to the letter.

so, how did i get on

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