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keep it pink

i picked up a great tip last week - if your end-of-season rhubarb is a bit green, add a handful of berries when you stew or roast it and you end up with a dish that is still a beautiful shade of pink. be careful not to add too many berries or you'll overwhelm the rhubarb flavour.

i roasted my rhubarb and berries with a splash or orange juice, grated ginger and a handful of demerara sugar.


roasted rhubarb

something pink for valentine's day. i roasted my rhubarb for 15 minutes at 200c - to avoid it turning to mush, it needs to be just soft so keep an eye on it - having sprinkled it with golden caster sugar. david will have his with ice cream, mine will be with greek yoghurt. and if you need a romatic drink, try a violet valentine.  


crumpets with rhubarb and pink grapefruit jam

i adore rhubarb and am particularly fond of the beautifully pale pink forced rhubarb which is currently available. sadly it’s never around long enough for me to feel that i’ve eaten my fill so i was really excited to try skye gyngell’s rhubarb and pink grapefruit jam in the hope that this will provide me with a rhubarb hit once it is out of season.


despite being called a jam i think this is more like a marmalade (what is the difference – is it just the inclusion of citrus?!?) although the balance between the rhubarb and grapefruit might be less noticeable if you use a zester, rather than peeler, on the grapefruit.


i’ve found that the best way to maximise the rhubarb flavour is to be generous when applying the jam to your bread, crumpet or toast. which really isn’t much of a hardship.

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rhubarb schnapps

rhubarb is one of my favourite fruits and when it’s in season i stew a batch each week with orange juice, grated ginger and as little sugar as possible, to keep in the fridge for snacking on or adding to my morning smoothie.


and now i have a new source of rhubarb loveliness in my fridge – rhubarb schnapps. isn’t it pretty?


this was made using rhubarb gathered from a friend’s garden at the end of september (which means i am sharing this with ning from heart and hearth who is hosting grow your own). since then it (a mix of rhubarb, sugar and vodka) has been sitting in a large jar in my fridge, but finally the waiting is over!


so far we’ve restricted ourselves to using it to make rhubarbinis! or should i call them rhubarb royales? either way, rhubarb schnapps topped up with champagne is very delicious.


do you have any ideas about how i should use my rhubarb schnapps?

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rhubarb crumble kuchen


it’s a funny time of year if you’re trying to eat seasonally in the uk. well, it is when it is when it comes to fruit – apart from stored apples and pears, almost the only locally grown choice you have is rhubarb.

to be honest, this isn’t much of a hardship as it’s a favourite of mine but it’s not a cheap option so i was keen to find a way to use it in a more frugal way than just stewing it for adding to smoothies or eating with yoghurt.

this, coupled with the approaching weekend and a desire for something lovely for breakfast, saw me decide to try nigella lawson’s rhubarb-crumble kuchen. the kuchen is a spiced sweetened dough which is topped with pieces of rhubarb and sprinkled with a crumble mix.

as promised by nigella, this is a lovely fruity bread to have with a cup of tea – just perfect for a slightly chilly weekend breakfast. and perfect too for the meeta’s monthly mingle which i have the pleasure of hosting this month and which has the theme spring fruit sensations! if you’re a food blogger, the 7th is the last day for you to post your recipe, just make sure you let me know about it.

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