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coconut, coriander and pineapple rice


having made the coconut-lime pork and black bean chilli, which calls for pineapple juice, i had a small tin of pineapple rings left to use up. i wanted to cook confit duck and thought this would be a good pairing with the pineapple, given duck’s affinity for fruit (oranges and cherries are the more obvious choices, i think). i decided to take asian inspiration and make a coconut, coriander and pineapple rice.

jasmine rice cooked in coconut milk with a pinch of salt and, in some cases, a bit of sugar seemed to be the most common approach and the end result was pretty good. i omitted the sugar, partly because i was adding pineapple chunks, but also because i didn’t think any extra sweetness was needed. the quantities below gave me a rich coconut flavour and the rice absorbed all the liquid so it had a nice fluffy texture.

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ofm top twenty: stir-fried minced beef with chillies and holy basil

david thompson’s thai food was a fantastically well-received cookery book and one that i continue to be tempted to buy . however, this recipe within the ofm top twenty for stir-fried minced beef with chillies and holy basil comes from his book about thai street food (which is also on my list of books i’d like!) and is quite simple as a result, with ingredients are easy to track down.

so how did i get on?

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ofm top twenty: mascarpone rice with blueberries


i have to confess, i do love rice pudding. both hot and cold, traditional versions with minimal flavourings (although i do have a preference for eating them with a combination of evaporated and condensed milk, rather than the traditional and more austere option of jam!) as well as those with more exotic flavours such as rose or orange blossom water. so, i was delighted to see this nigel slater recipe for mascarpone rice with blueberries within the ofm top twenty.

so how did i get on?

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frugal food

when i was cooking for the fundraiser i was keen to avoid waste and this bacon and mushroom risotto, while not particularly beautiful to look at, was the final stage of that.

i used bacon scraps which came from the grilled bacon we served with burgers plus the stalks from the mushrooms which i’d roasted for the veggie burgers and also added the mushroom juices that were released when i roasted them to my stock. a handful of parmesan and some sage from the garden were the finishing touches to a rich and flavoursome dish.


lamb and aubergine pilaf

roast lamb invariably results in leftovers, which can easily be turned into quick and delicious packed lunches or suppers.

this pilaf  was very simple to pull together – leftover lamb was mixed with basmati rice, roasted aubergine, chickpeas, a glug of pomegranate molasses (this has an intense sour flavour – you could use tamarind paste or lemon juice in its place) plus lots of chopped mint and flat-leaf parsley.